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Say goodbye to the ground plane!

Rapresentation of what it was thought to be an elementary antenna oscillating circuit
Errante's true antenna oscillating circuit rapresentation

How to correctly polarize an unbalanced RF system with reference to the physical ground.

This system demonstrates that no galvanic coupling to earth is needed for a proper RF earth grounding.

Errante's capacitive RF earth grounding system

by Francesco Errante

Further to what I have previously disclosed and demonstrated in the matter of grounding systems for the radio-electric transdusers and transmission lines for radio-electric signals, I am hereby disclosing and demonstrating that NO galvanic path to earth is needed for the proper polarization of an un-balanced RF system with reference to the physical ground. ALL IT TAKES IS A LARGE ENOUGH lumped CAPACITANCE yelding a very low capacitive reactance (<0.5% of the radiator own impedance) at the lowest operating frequency of a given RF un-balanced system, as shown in the picture below:

Errante's capacitive RF earth grounding system schematic diagram

An unbalanced radiator and its Un-Un impedance transformer being grounded to the earth by means of a capacitive plate (P) coupled through a dielectric layer to the physical ground - Copyright © 2009 - Francesco Errante


Errante's capacitive RF earth grounding system applied to the RF transmission line

Errante's ONE-WIRE UNBALANCED RF TRANSMISSION LINE, employing Errante's CAPACITIVE RF EARTH GROUNDING SYSTEM - Copyright © 2009 - Francesco Errante


The grounding capacitance is obtained by coupling the point of a radio-electric circuit that needs to be at a 0 Volt reference, directly to the ground by means of a metallic plate (P) facing a uniform plot of ground surface and isolated from it by a properly sized dielectric layer, as shown in the picture above. (NOT through a capacitor of equal value!!!   Even Guglielmo Marconi made this mistake as documented in his Nobel lecture)
In the medium, long and very long waves spectrum, in order to increase the grounding capacitance value, the plate can be three-dimensional in the shape of an hollow cube or hollow cylinder buried into the ground but isolated from it. The volume occupied by the hollow cube or the cylinder can then be filled with concrete and can be used as a plinth for self-radiating lattice towers. This will also bring about huge savings in the cost of a transmitting VLF aerial for broadcasting and military purposes.
NB. If necessary, for lightening protection the system can also be galvanically earth grounded through an anti-inductive (RF choke) winding connected between one edge of the capacitive plate and a ground stake

The half a capacitor layout shown in the picture above, MUST not be mistaken for a "ground plane" . It is easy to understand, for example, that a metal plate of less than a square meter in size would hardly act as a "ground plane" in a 3.5 MHz system, while it is very effective if it is its capacitive reactance to be employed. On the contrary, some multi-wire ground plane systems, still in use, are infact rudimental lossy distributed capacitors.

A practical application, demonstrating this system, can be found on the  Errante's 225 Ohm, multiband HF antenna system  with a capacitive grounded Un-Un feeding system.

L or C Reactance Calculator

Enter any two known values and press "Calculate" to solve for the others. For example, a 1 uF capacitor or a 25.3 mH inductor will have 159 Ohms of reactance at a frequency of 1000 Hertz. Fields should be reset to 0 before doing a new calculation.

Inductive Reactance (Xl) = 2 * Pi * F * L
Capacitive Reactance (Xc) = 1 / ( 2 * Pi * F * C )
Resonant Frequency (Fo) = 1 / ( 2 * Pi * SquareRoot(LC) )


Applet by Bill Bowden
© 22nd. October 1999 Bill Bowden - All rights reserved.




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