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Radiondistics' radio communications equipment


Errante's virtual ground monopole HF antenna. PATENT n.0001347485.

Errante's virtual ground balun: state-of-the-art high power broadband flux-coupled step-up balun transformer, specific for the use with wavelength dipole antennas. Many impedance combinations to suit open, folded and loop antennas are also available. PATENT n.0001347484 and PATENT n.0001347486.

Errante's virtual ground node generator for balanced transmission lines.

Errante's in-line virtual ground node generator for unbalanced transmission lines.

HF Turnstile antenna broadband driver.

Synchrobeam. A super high gain rotary beam monoband array antenna.

Broad-side array drivers.

End-fire array drivers.

HF phase shifters for any possible driven array antenna configuration. (Phased array antennas, electrically steerable array, ESA)

HF signal splitters and combiners for any application.

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