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Errante's all-in-one hertzian radiation physics apparatus.
This equipment allows to carry out several measurements and experiments into the physics of radio-electric signals and transducers.


Energy distribution in a half wave folded dipole and in a half wave open dipole, in a condition of resonance, both fed with RF signals of equal wave lenghth and amplitude



Although more than a century has gone by, since Heinrich Hertz made his first artificial radio transmission, the comprehension of radio-electric phenomena (usually referred to as electromagnetism) has been limited to mere theory. This because, the analysis of radio-electric phenomena had, untill now, relied almost entirely on mathematical conjectures. Mathematics is of great help to physics but cannot take the place of the instrumental observations of the natural phenomena. Instrumental observation is essentially dependant on the progress of technology but, above all, it needs the inventive of scientists without prejudices.

The apparatus presented here below, allows the step-by-step replication of the main experiments masterminded and made by the author in order to investigate the physics of the radio-electric signals and transducers. These experiments have directly led him into the discovery of the actual mechanism (radio-electric transduction) that originates the hertzian radiation (better known as radio waves). Also read: Hertzian radiation: what it is and how it happens by Francesco Errante

This equipment enables researchers and teachers alike to carry out several experiments and measurements and makes easy to comprehend how hertzian radiation takes place onto an electric conductor and its propagation in the space. This is done by means of employing gas filled detector tubes and electric measurements instruments concurrently. This equipment proves it-self to be an invaluable teaching tool, as seeing is believing. It, infact, affords the students a naked eye observation of the energy distribution along both the two branches of the dipole antenna and in its immediate surroundings. Moreover, the electronics that comes with it, permits to vary and to measure the power of the radio-electric signal being injected into the aerial as well as measuring all the relevant standing wave ratios during the signal transduction process, in order to univocally establish causes and effects. (Proportionality between the antenna feeding power and the strength of the generated field; attenuation due to the medium etc...)

Errante's apparatus for the physics of the hertzian radiation
A particular of the Errante's apparatus for the physics of the hertzian radiation
A particular of the Errante's apparatus for the physics of the hertzian radiation

It is now available our apparatus for the physics of the RF balanced transmission lines. Here !

Balanced-balanced measurement test set under frequency response check
A 300 Ohm balanced transmission line termineted on reactive 300 Ohm load under s.w.r. measurement
Unbalanced-balanced-balanced-balanced-Unbalanced measurement test set under frequency response check


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