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The ERRANTE's HF Turnstile antenna broadband driver

NOW, also available in the MULTIBAND VERSION

An all-in-one solution for coupling, balancing and phasing the cross-dipole antenna for the HF spectrum.

Errante's HF Turnstile antenna broadband driver

ERRANTE's HF Turnstile antenna broadband driver.

Freq. range: 1 to 30 MHz
Input imp.: 50 Ohm, unbalanced
Output imp.: balanced 2 x 70 Ohm or 2 x 450 Ohm for the Errante's multiband system
Outputs phase shifts: 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees
SWR @ band-center: 1:1
Insertion loss: -0.01 dB
RF power: 4 KW CW
Sockets type: SO-239
Weight : 5 Kg ca.


ERRANTE's HF Turnstile antenna broadband driver : what it is, how it works and what it does.

by Francesco Errante

The Errante's turnstile antenna driver, is a broadband radioelectric circuit based on our own original virtual ground balun patented design.
A turnstile antenna, which is also known as cross-dipole or quadripole is the top choice when a quasi-omnidirectional radiation pattern is requided in a horizontally polarized antenna system.   (see the 1937, George H. Brown's original patent application)
When it comes to point to point and broadcast radiocommunications through the ionospheric radio-propagation, such systems have the advantage of following the wanted signals, no matter what changes in the direction of propagation the sky makes.
Trans-ionospheric effects include refraction, amplitude and phase scintillation, signal delay and polarisation rotation. Such changes always affect the strength of the wanted signal during ionospheric radio propagation reception (fading, evanescence, QSB) and can easily reach a 20 dB loss. A turnstile antenna system driven by this device of ours will recover that loss and on average all signals are 10 to 15 dB higher compared to what a single dipole would extract in the same conditions.
Untill now, making a proper turnstile antenna for the short wave bands used to be a mammuth task and no previous system could allow multiband operation owing to their own delay line limitation.
The device presented hereby is, instead, the ideal solutions to manage a cross dipole as you would do with a single one. It, infact, exhibits the same properties as our own virtual ground balun, while making easy to drive 2 identical dipoles or 2 identical fan dipoles in a turnstile configuration, thanks to its unique phasing system. By eliminating the need for a delay line, our system also eliminates all the loss of signal that inevitably comes with it, therefore, the quantity of energy tranferred to each of the 2 dipoles is precisely the same, this will translate in a truly symmetrical radiation patten.
Where fan-dipoles cannot be used through lack of space, multiband operations can also be achived by employing trapped dipole branches. NOW, also available in the Errante's 225 Ohm, multiband monopoles version. (Errante's 225 Ohm, multiband HF antenna system)

The turnstile antenna system, as presented hereby, it's the top choice for digital communications over the HF spectrum, such as the e-mail over the HF services and the like.


Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Euro 1250,00 +V.A.T. and shipping costs, for the 2x 70 Ohm output model.

Euro 1650,00 +V.A.T. and shipping costs for the 2x 450 Ohm output model.

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