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If you have a scientific interest in the physics of the radio, you should browse this site as an e-book!

Welcome to Radiondistics.com ! The official RADIONDISTICS's web site, formerly Radiondistics U.K.

Perhaps, you're asking your-self: what the hell Radiondistics means? Well, it's a neologism born out of the merger of two italian words: radio (radio) and ondistica (related to waves). Radiondistics, therefore, means physics of the radio waves.
Radiondistics is a new, but already well consolidated, branch of the physics, entirely developed by Francesco Errante, the discoverer of the electric behaviour of the hertzian dipole and of the true mechanism behind the radio-electric phenomena and father of the virtual ground monopole HF antenna.
This web site is ment to spread the knowledge about FRANCESCO ERRANTE's findings on the phenomena regulating the hertzian radiation, the radioelectric transducers and the transmission lines for the radioelectric signals.
Radiondistics' main objective is the investigation of the pure physics of the radio waves. Radiondistics is an exact science, where theory is always backed up by the experimental verifications, in other words: by the practice. In physics, the practical observation of phenomenon inspires the theory and, in turn, the latter leads to the developing of the necessary instruments for the experimental verification and then again, its results will direct practice re-inspiring theories in an end-less circle.
Radiondistics was the missing discipline between the radio-engineering and the physics. The unavailability of such a scientific discipline has lasted for almost a century. The necessity for a scientifically rigorous investigation into the physics of the radio waves, has been advocated even by Gugliemo Marconi, back in 1909, as he clearly stated in his own speech, which he gave at the occasion of him being awarded the 1909 Nobel Prize for Physics.
Main instruments employed in radiondistics are the radio-electrics e radio-electronics engineering. Most of the Radiondistics' scientific apparatus portfolio is also available in a ready to use version for radio-communications employment.

All the concepts, methods, designs and devices presented on this web site are the original novelty works of FRANCESCO ERRANTE.

Radiondistics' products exclusively employ its own proprietary and patented technology which ensures highly efficient and reliable antenna systems and radioelectronic equipment for military and civil trans-ionospheric short-waves radio-communications, DX-ing, special and scientific purposes.
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Radiondistics takes the uncertainty out of the invisible!



All the concepts, methods, designs and devices presented on this web site
are the original novelty works of FRANCESCO ERRANTE.
Patents & Copyright © 1985- of FRANCESCO ERRANTE.

No reproduction, in whole or in part, without written permission.
Material is governed by the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act.
Copies of these documents made by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, may only be employed for personal use.
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